Future of Statement of Advice (SoA)

Did you know that only 8% of your clients prefer paper based SoAs? Yes, based on research, 92% prefer audio-visual format with the use of modern technology. This makes advice presentation more client friendly and helps the clients to understand your advice better. Including videos, audios, icons, images and colours will help your clients digest more information from an SoA, compared to reading lengthy paragraphs.


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Key objectives expected through the evolution of Statement of Advice

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Go forward in information disclosure, ensuring the client understands the SOA better
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To make the SOA more clear, short, and effective
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Explore different ways of disclosing information apart from the traditional paper-based, with the use of technologies

This Whitepaper Covers

  1. Evolution of the SOA 
  2. How you can make the move away from traditional paper-based SOAs
  3. What are the next stages in our evolution
  4. What happens when technology evolves
  5. RG90 interactive SOA
  6. Design and layout of the interactive SOA
  7. The four main internal learning systems
  8. How can we help our clients digest information from an SOA
  9. Regulators & compliance stance on it