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  • Post-USA Election Impact on Global Markets
    Post-USA Election Impact on Global Markets We all know the outcome of the world’s most-followed political event, the US presidential election, not because they are exciting, but they affect the geopolitics of the world, thus affecting the global markets.  For instance, Donald Trump’s pro financial growth and development stance impressed the market most, but his […]
  • Federal Budget of Australia 2020-2021
    The revised economic and fiscal strategy recognizes economic growth and job creation are the key two aspects to ensure a sustainable budget position over time. The government strategy can be divided into two phases. The first phase being the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan that focuses on job creation, medium-term stabilizing, and reducing debt as a percentage of the economy. The second phase will start once the unemployment rate is below 6% and the economy has come to the previous stabilized level. The focus on the second phase is reducing debt as a share of GDP and long-term stability.
  • Creating a Digital Workforce in Finance
    Think of your surroundings 12 years ago. Did you see the difference in technological eruption? Digital technologies are transforming everything we do and how we do it in many ways. New technologies are emerging at a faster pace than we have witnessed ever before. Digital technology has become a substance in our thinking pattern. Finance […]
  • Bitcoin- And Its Effects on the Financial System
    Bitcoin- Effects on the Global Financial System With its peer-to-peer structure that runs on immutable cryptographic protocols, Bitcoin has kind of stormed the entire financial system. From being labeled as junk, scam, and even bubble by industry leaders, Bitcoin has proved itself as an efficient mode of transferring value and a good store of value assets. Often […]
  • The impact of Covid-19 on Super Funds
    The impact of Covid-19 on Super Funds The COVID-19 has delivered an enormous economic shock worldwide and has led to the deepest contraction in the global GDP in recent decades. According to the World Bank Report, the global economy will shrink by around 5.2% this year, affecting the emerging and developing economies the most. Australia’s […]