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We offer flexible financial service solutions in accounting and bookkeeping services, BAS/IAS, payroll, Decision Support, Financial Modeling & Virtual CFO Services.


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Select from Volume based & FTE based pricing plans Customizable Bookkeeping & Payroll processing plans based on the number of monthly transactions and employees


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AUD 350 / month


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AUD 790 / month


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AUD 1390 / month

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We follow a simple onboarding process, which will enable us to transition you seamlessly and get you started.


1. Agree on the communication plan

2. Engage in the Due Diligence Process

3. Define Success Criteria & Initiate discussion on commercial terms

4. Identify the Scope of work to be undertaken

5. Initiate Statement of Work


1. Identification of the Required Resource Profiles

2. Finalize IT and Other infrastructure requirements

3. Agree on Data Security Guidelines

4. Finalize SOW/ Timelines

5. Develop and agree on the Baseline Project Plan

6. Agree on the commercial & other terms

7. Agreement Sign off


1. Onboarding Resources

2. Technical Interview

3. Client Interview

4. Infrastructure Setup

5. IT Equipment/Systems setup

6. Commencement of initial training and knowledge transfer (Train the Trainer Model)

7. Graduate new resources through internal Knowledge Portal


1. Initiate Process Mapping and Detail Procedure Manual (DPM) Development

2. Start Knowledge transfer

3. User Acceptance Testing and IT infrastructure readiness

4. Establish BAU Governance Framework - Finalize Communication & Escalation Matrix


1. Process Go Live

2. Base Lining KPIs

3. Track and Report Performance

4. Weekly progress Review with the Team Lead

5. Monthly Feedback sessions with the Top Management

6. Develop and streamline the processes based on the Feedback received

7. Initiate Efficiency improvement projects and Embrace Best Practices/Technology to add value

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We offer customized flexible services for Sole Proprietors, Startups, High Growth SMEs and Accounting Firms

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