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We are SAKS Financial Services

We are the best Australian financial planning association consisting of a close-knit team, working together to provide exceptional bookkeeping and accounting services to clients.

Our ethics

Ethics are the foundation of everything we do. They hold us to true to our sense of service and guide us in delivering the best-possible results for our clients.



We are sensitive and respectful towards all those with whom we engage, never losing sight of our shared humanity. We treat others how we would like to be treated and do not tolerate behaviour that undermines our collective well-being.



We provide the support that enables clients to make informed and independent decisions, using our knowledge and experience to ensure they reach their goals.



Do the right thing. We are committed to conducting ourselves with honesty, transparency, and fairness, fostering trust in all our relationships. We hold not only ourselves but each other accountable for our actions and commitments, irrespective of their rank or position.



We execute our responsibilities with precision, persistence, urgency, and efficiency. We are aware that only well-executed actions, not words or promises, earn the trust of our clients and give them peace of mind.



We embrace growth, challenging ourselves to be better every day by being open to new ideas, learning constantly, innovating, and giving only our best. We value dynamism over being static.



We aim to go beyond expectations. By remaining open and watchful, we try to anticipate industry trends, then devise ways and means capture their benefits for clients. We redefine our standards of excellence constantly.



We cherish contributing to something larger than ourselves. We take joy in making a positive difference for our clients and all stakeholders. In doing so, we create true purpose for ourselves – and enjoy ourselves in the process.


Team work

We work together to achieve lasting success. We share responsibilities through continuous communication at all levels, supporting each other to achieve the goals of our clients.

Meet our team

A seasoned executive, Rohith has helped companies involved in apparel, energy, logistics, mining, and exports to prosper and grow. His experience across these diverse industries and businesses shapes his approach to identifying and solving complicated and, sometimes, seemingly intractable problems. Rohith’s operational and managerial acumen, combined with his excellent personal skills, has helped SAKS Financial grow and expand internationally.

Dilhan is an enthusiastic and committed CFO and COO who has successfully applied his international experience and skills to benefit clients in Australia, the UK, Ireland, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. He helps companies achieve their objectives through the deployment of best-in-class financial systems, processes, and people. Widely experienced in transition management, he helps clients to establish a solid framework for improving and stabilising offshore processes. Dilhan is ACMA certified and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Keshawa is a qualified management accountant, with a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting. His client experience includes both major businesses and SMEs in Australia. His expertise lies in preparing monthly and annual accounts, management reporting, financial analysis, and financial forecasting.

Keshawa Bandara Tammita ACMA,CGMA,MPAcc

Chanake has expertise in accounting and corporate finance, with proven skills in auditing, accounts reconciliation, financial planning, financial analysis, project transitions, financial reporting, and variance analysis. He also has experience with managing accounts operations in computerised and shared-service environments. He is an ACMA of CIMA and a PMP from the PMI, USA.

Chanake Jayathilake ACMA, CGMA, PMP

Ushan is an enthusiastic finance and investment professional who enjoys helping clients access the best financial advice. He has helped over 200 individuals and families with their personal finances.

Ushananthan Nadarajah ACSI, CeMAP®, CSM

Zainab is a finance professional with over four years’ experience. He works independently and enjoys delivering tasks effectively, with close attention to the details. Zainab is an ACCA member.

Zainab Shiraz ACCA, BSc

Would you like to work for us?

We are always looking for qualified professionals to join our team. We offer a professional work culture, excellent career opportunities, and support flexible work hours if you are studying.

If you are enthusiastic about accounting and bookkeeping services, get in touch with us at
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