A Good Financial Planning Firm Needs a Good Paraplanner

A Good Financial Planning Firm Needs a Good Paraplanner

Outsourced Paraplanner
A Good Financial Planning Firm Needs a Good Paraplanner 2

What makes a good Paraplanner? One of the most frequently asked questions in the financial planning industry.

The core role of a Paraplanner could be in assisting and supporting the financial planners with their technical expertise. But the question is are all technical experts good Paraplanners? More than technical knowledge and report writing skills, there are few other qualities which need to be mastered to become a good paraplanner.

1. Attention to detail — As a Paraplanner, you must have an eagle eye on details. Your output represents your brand. The best way to master this art is to practice, always look for accuracy, consistency, and completion of details, and make sure the overall recommendation is meeting the end clients’ needs.

2. Communication & Speed of service — Communication is the key in any mutual relationship. A best practice to follow is, keeping your adviser in the loop, keep them updated on the status of the case, provide realistic turnaround time and never over-promise. Do all you can within your control to meet your ETA’s at the same time ensuring quality output.

3. Clear service standards — Establishing a clear service standard is crucial as selling your service. With a quality service standard in place, your clients will feel secured and relaxed that their work is in the right hands and will be dealt with care.

4. Being adaptable — Being adaptable is an important quality in any industry, especially the financial services industry which is subject to rapid changes in regulations and technology. By being adaptable to these rapid changes you could continuously add value to your clients and make you stand out as a good Paraplanner.

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