3 Tips for Effective Client Communication

3 Tips for Effective Client Communication

Client Communication
3 Tips for Effective Client Communication 2

As a financial adviser, working towards delivering the best advice to your clients and making your clients achieve their life goals is key to your success.

The financial and investments world is constantly evolving and subject to rapid changes in standards, laws, methodologies, products and most importantly, technology. These changes directly influence the way how you deliver advice.

Staying abreast of all of this is vital in giving your best advice. Continuous Professional Development or CPD is an ideal way to stay up to date with the constantly moving markets.

But what about your clients? How can you ensure that you keep them updated and engaged?

Here we would like to share with you the top 3 tips to keep your clients up to date and build a strong relationship with them.

1.Publish Newsletters Regularly

Publishing a newsletter is one of our top tips to keep your clients up to date; it also sends an indirect message to your clients that you are keeping abreast in the market. This helps you win over their trust and provide additional value.

2.Engaging Video Content

Each individual has a unique learning style; not everyone takes time to read and ask questions. So why not use videos to educate and engage with your clients? Videos could be used to describe complicated financial terminology more simply. You could also use videos to share market news, financial advice tips, how to prepare for meetings with an adviser, setting SMART goals etc. Videos could be a powerful tool to help you engage with your clients.

3.Interviews and Articles 

Getting featured in TV shows and writing articles on magazines/local newspapers is an effective way to build your brand and increase reputation among your community. This is a great marketing tool to expand your business and do what you love to do -helping individuals achieve financial freedom.

Engage your client on his Birthday, with a personalized birthday wish from the team that is servicing him.